Keely H -Manhattan, NY

Very relaxing environment and overall great experience. Extremely personable and makes dress shopping as it was meant to be.

Jules R. Manhattan, NY

Selia was amazing! From the consultation, where she zoomed in on exactly what I was looking for, to the fitting process and finally picking up my dress, Selia was a pleasure to work with, and her designs are absolutely beautiful! I would highly reccomend her (and her adorable dog Vivian) for any brides to be searching for the perfect dress!

Yoree K. San Francisco, CA

Selia was absolutely amazing. She is a true pro with impeccable taste and a wonderfully easy personality to work with. I visited a couple of other boutiques in NYC and I’m so happy I went with Selia. The fact that she is the actual designer rather than a sales clerk is huge. She listened to my requests and the final product surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t have been happier with my dress. It was an expensive investment but it was worth every penny.

Fredrica F. New York, NY

Selia has the most stunning and unique dresses. If you want a personal experience, and a perfect gown, avoid the big cookie cutter bridal and department stores and go to Selia Yang’s studio near Wall Street. Her taste and suggestions are impeccable. The materials she used and her tailoring are the best. Her dresses can be worn again and again, for formal evenings when you want to feel like a star.
I bought my wedding dress from Selia a few years back and have since bought two formal dresses in gorgeous colors and amazingly flattering styles.
I recommend Selia Yang to everyone who needs wedding and special gowns. Her service and dresses will not disappoint.

Caitlin D. Hoboken, NJ

I was looking for a dress that was simple yet different. I went to a few shops and didn’t see anything that I loved. Everything that I had seen seemed over the top for what I was looking for. I had decided to make a day out of wedding dress shopping in New York City and made some appointments at the typical shops. At the last minute my Aunt made an appointment with Selia Yang and it would be our first stop on our dress shopping tour (as well as our last).

Selia sat us down and asked me what I was looking for in a dress and we went right into the fitting room. All of the dresses that she had pulled (and didn’t) were STUNNING! As soon as I tried the first one on I knew I would be walking out with one of her dresses. I found the perfect dress that was exactly what I was looking for and more. We canceled all of the other appointments that we had made that day and stop in a cafe to celebrate with champagne. I was a smile ear-to-ear and so thankful that we found Selia.

Not only did I get a dress that was made to fit my body, but I also had the opportunity to work directly with Selia who is great designer and a beautiful person. You will not be disappointed if you make an appointment with Selia! (And you will be able to open up that bottle of champagne sooner to celebrate saying Yes to the Dress!!!!)

It really doesn’t get any better than working directly with the designer who can make your dream dress a reality. Thank you Selia!!!!!!!

J R: Washington, DC

Selia’s dress made me feel absolutely beautiful and captured the magical feeling I wanted on my wedding day! I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else on my special day. Having Selia’s one-on-one attention throughout the process of making my dress was amazing, as you could see before your eyes all of her hard work, creativity, and individuality, transform into a dress that is one of a kind!

Jessica N- Catonville, MD

Selia Yang is an amazing woman to work with for your wedding dress shopping experience. She genuinely cares about you and what you are looking for. Her studio is so incredible, I felt like I was famous during the appointment. I am the maid of honor for my best friend, and I swear every dress that Selia put on my friend was stunning. After going to three other appointments, this oneblew it out of the water. Very impressive work. Oh and my friend ended up purchasing her dress from Selia Yang.

Lauren H: Manhattan NY

I worked with Selia on my wedding dress and not only was the design of the dress exactly what I was looking for, but the experience of working with Selia was seamless. The dress was classic with a unique twist and a beautiful bustle and she worked very hard to make sure it fit me perfectly up to a week before I left. I highly recommend visiting her Tribeca store and looking at her beautiful gowns!

Sasha G: Manhattan NY

I absolutely adored my wedding dress and Selia was so nice to work with (she gave me a big hug the day I came to pick up my dress and we even took a photo together). The price was also reasonable compared to other dresses I was considering. I had visited a bunch of wedding dress shops and had found a couple of dresses I really liked, but it was clear once Selia put me in the Anika with a floral sash that it was “the” dress.

Selia works differently than the large wedding dress shops in terms of timing. I bought my dress in January but didn’t do any of my actual fittings (3 in total) until a few weeks before the wedding. She never even took my measurements; she was able to tailor it perfectly simply by having me try it on.

I got endless compliments on my dress. One guest told me it was the prettiest wedding dress she’d ever seen, and several people commented on its “wow” factor. I felt truly amazing in it! I’m hoping I can find a reason to buy one of Selia’s non-bridal gowns in the future – her stuff is simply gorgeous.

Nicole G: Oct Lake Mills, WI

Selia is truly the best designer. Her dresses fit like a glove with every woman’s body. Selia and I spent a lot of time together. Long story short my wedding was postponed by 3 years. I made a last minute trip to NYC and Selia had to bang my dress out in two weeks and she did it. Oh and in the mean time I had a baby so she had no clue my how my body had changed. I try on the dress and it was perfect. As I was walking out of the dressing room I saw a dress out of the corner of my eye. I told Selia how beautiful it was and she said “try it on, you will look amazing in it”. I tried it on and fell in love!! Needless to say she made it for me in 5 days! She is amazing! I love her.

Amy S. The Plains, VA

The experience with Selia Yang is personal and outstanding. My husband (a marine) and I decided to marry in a shorter time frame due to an upcoming deployment, Selia was more than accommodating and excellent with turn around times, selections, fittings etc. She made our day extremely special and I have not forgotten it.

In todays business especially with sentimental moments such as these customer service should be the first priority and she makes it all personal. Since my wedding, I had reached out to Selia with the desire to alter my wedding dress to a cocktail dress and use the access for a baby’s christening dress. She reached out to me directly, absolutely remembered me and was extremely excited to design such an item. She was great with providing timing and costs associated. It has truly been a wonderful experience working with her.

Selia is so gracious and such a lovely person to work with, she is incredibly talented. Her dresses are breathtaking. Her showroom is absolutely worth visiting and I highly recommend her for professionalism, talent in dressmaking, attention to detail for not only dress alternations but also personal wants/needs.

Oz S. Hoboken, NJ

I first just want to say Selia was a pleasure to work with and my dream designer for her creativity and attention to detail.
My dress was just what I wanted and I felt so special and beautiful on my big day and I have to thank Selia for her wonderful design. I flew my sister out to New York to look for wedding dresses. We did it all from small boutiques, chain stores to warehouse discount dresses. I found Selia from another recommendation and scheduled an appointment. She was so sweet and kind from the start. She offered a private one on one consultation and it was incredible because I was sitting with the designer and not just a salesperson. She offered me an already made dress or the option to design a brand new one. I had an idea in my head not lace but texture and Selia ran downstairs and brought up a new fabric she was excited to experiment with for her future lines.

I loved the new fabric and decided to go with design your own option. She assessed my figure/personality and had me try on three different styles of dresses that none of the other shops attempted to do. She nailed it and we found the right fit and fabric on the first visit.
My wedding was in August and I did not have my first fitting until end of June. I was a bit nervous about this but when I sent an email expressing concern Selia called me right away to explain. She is always bride minded and always has time to explain and help the bride through this process. You can always tell her number one priority is making you look beautiful on your big day.

In the end my dress was affordable, it fit perfectly, the fabric was so soft, and I had too many compliments to count. Because of Selia’s incredible attention to detail and amazing designs I had the best dress for me on my wedding. It honestly came with little to no stress, which I couldn’t say for the rest of the experience. I have and will continue to recommend Selia to future brides.

Jenna Q. New York, NY

This review is long over due since I got married almost two years ago. I had a wedding dress that was being designed by a friend that didn’t go as I had planned. I thought I would stop by Selia Yang’s studio in Tribeca on a Saturday to look for a shawl or veil to cover up the dress my friend made. I had a destination wedding in Italy and was leaving three days later on Tuesday. I walked in and literally my jaw dropped when I saw the most beautiful dress.
It was a dress that if I had tried it on a year earlier I would have had that “This is the Dress” moment that I unfortunately never had with my dress. My heart literally sunk when I saw it. Then like a fairy godmother, in walks Selia Yang herself with her cute little dog! I showed a picture of my dress and she completely empathized with me. And like a genie granting a wish, she asked me if there was a dress in the studio that I liked. I pointed out the dress that I had eyed earlier and she looked at me and said” If you want this dress, you have 30 minutes to decide because we are going to have to begin alternations IMMEDIATELY!” I called my fiancé, my mom, and a few friends and they all told me that I needed to do it since it was the first time they heard me excited about a dress.

As soon as I said YES to the Dress, Selia took scissors and began cutting the hem. She began taking in the dress and I could feel the dress begin to embrace me as much as I already had. Selia then told me to come in the next morning to do one more alteration, and by Sunday late afternoon, the dress was complete! It was a MIRACLE to walk into a store that I had never been into, to then find my dream dress, and then walk away with the dress to fit perfectly in 24 hours!!!!!!!!!

So future brides, make an appointment and go to Selia Yang. Just know that if you don’t absolutely love your dress, there could be a miracle waiting for you at Selia Yang :)

Maria K: New York,

My experience at Selia Yang was wonderful! I had a very short engagement and did not have much time to find a dress, which made everything very stressful. But Selia made the whole process really easy and stress free… Everything from picking the right dress to taking care of all the details on the dress.

Her dresses are all very beautiful and elegant. You really can’t go wrong with any of them! But beyond the actual dress, which fit amazing and got so many compliments, I really enjoyed working with her. She made me feel really comfortable. With her personal approach. It really felt like I was working with a friend, which is so different than the vibe that I got at the other bridal shops that I visited.

I had such a positive experience, that I hope to have more special events to attend in the future, so that I can go back to buy another dress!

Rashi D: Manhattan, NY:

I walked into Selia’s boutique after months of looking for a non-white gown for my wedding reception. Everything I had seen was either an overpriced prom dress or something couture and stunning but many thousands of dollars over my budget.

Selia has a great selection of white and non white dresses in stunning colors – the cuts are fashionable but timeless and all the dresses are made right there in her Tribeca studio. Selia is a no nonsense business owner with a gorgeous boutique and personalized service – if you appreciate working with smart, successful business women Selia will be the right fit. She won’t coo and hover over you like an eager saleswoman but she will be honest, constructive and totally helpful. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer F. New York, NY

I love Selia! Her dresses are truly works of art- you feel absolutely beautiful in them. And working with Selia is great! She has such good energy and you know you are in good hands working with her. Since she is the owner, your dress isn’t delegated out to some seamstress you’ve never met. She is the one pinning, sketching & sewing. Selia rocks!

Alyssa G.-Marina Del Rey, CA

I cannot recommend Selia Yang’s store enough! I discovered this store when I was shopping with my cousin for her wedding dress a few years ago. Even after moving to Los Angeles, I knew I wanted to come back to New York to get my own wedding dress through her because the dresses are so phenomenally beautiful. My first appointment was nothing short of a dream, the environment in the Franklin street store is extremely peaceful and Selia herself gives you the personal attention and treatment every bride deserves. She listens carefully to what you want and really takes an interest in her customers. When I flew in for a week a few months after purchasing the dress, she made every concession possible to make sure my alterations were done on time and also worked with my very hectic schedule to make sure I was taken care of properly! Go to Selia Yang for the most beautiful dresses you could ever imagine, top-notch customer service and Selia herself, she’s a doll and absolutely fabulous to work with!

A A. – Glen Head, NY
Selia creates the most beautiful, sophisticated, elegant yet sexy gowns.

Brigit Kelly Y.-Manhattan, NY

I cannot say enough great things about Selia Yang’s dresses (and Selia Yang herself!) She pays attention to each bride’s individual beauty, and when you tell her and show her your style, she gets it. Once she’s cued in to your own style, she then ups the ante by bringing out dresses you never would have thought of originally after perusing her site, but when you see them on yourself you go — oh my god! That’s exactly what I wanted and I didn’t even know it! The dress I got there is beyond stunning, and I just wish I was Paris Hilton and could buy every dress she has!