Emily’s Review:

I found Selia through one of my close friends whose dress Selia made a few years prior to my getting engaged. This process is all about trust, and having witnessed my friend’s relationship with Selia (and the gorgeous finished product), I knew I could trust Selia and her team right away. That has lifted a huge amount of stress from an otherwise stressful time. What I didn’t see from my friend’s experience, but have experienced in mine, is that Selia surpasses expectations. Sometimes, you think that only you can see your vision, but Selia not only sees your vision she improves upon it, while never encroaching on your overall design goals. You can’t put a price on years of experience – she knows what works, what doesn’t, and how the slightest tweak can make a big difference. If you’ve never had a dress made specifically just for you, believe me, it makes a difference! The markup from what you might find on the rack and then have tailored is really quite small for a big difference.

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