Dry Cleaning Wedding Gowns

Very important information ladies.

Make sure you don’t go to any or local dry cleaners to clean wedding gowns.

Yes it matters.

Our sample bridal and evening gowns are dry cleaned by Jeeves here in NYC. They do amazing job.

If you don’t live in NYC, we recommend you do your search, don’t trust any dry cleaners, only ones that specializes in bridal and evening gowns.

Bridal gowns especially made in silk fabrics can shrink or taint to darker color after even one dry cleaning (due to over used chemicals) so do your search, spend the money on high-end dry cleaners to do the job right.

If you decide go to Jeeves to dry clean your wedding or evening gowns, make sure you mention, you have $100 coupon you are entitled to with all Selia Yang’s clienteles.

FYI: Only mention this information after you negotiate the price. It should be more than $500 max.

Also, pick up this coupon to present to Jeeves before you pick up your gowns at our showroom incase we forget to give it to you.