Captivating and incredibly mesmerizing Sara and her wedding in NYC!


Sara’s review:
Wedding dress of unparalleled beauty and impeccable quality, I had the privilege of working with Selia this year on designing my wedding dress. I could not have been happier/luckier. I searched far and wide across the city, and upon stumbling into Selia’s studio knew that I could look no further. The quality of Selia’s work instantly won me over, and the personal vibe of the studio sets hers apart from any other bridal boutique the city has to offer. Selia’s dynamic personality, collaborative spirit and professionalism make her a dream to work with. She is a perfectionist and will never deliver a faulty product. Her creativity and ability to read your mind (but in a far better way than you could have imagined yourself), is unparalleled. Choosing to work with Selia was easily the best wedding-related decision I made. I genuinely loved working with Selia on the design of my dress and enjoyed every step of the process. She is incredibly welcoming and makes a distinct effort to give you her undivided attention whenever you are working with her/in the studio. The end product is unparalleled. Instead of working with a tailor who is fitting an existing (potentially ill-fitting and usually overpriced) dress off the rack to your body, you have the privilege to work with the (very talented) designer who is sculpting an existing silhouette to your your unique shape. Not to mention the extremely reasonable price point and the fact that the whole experience becomes far more personalized and special. In summary, I had a blast working with Selia, and I walked out the door with a dress beyond my wildest expectations!

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