Bridal Shoes Shopping

My weakness are shoes so it’s always a pleasure to go shoes shopping anytime but it wouldn’t want to di it under pressure.

I wanted to remind everyone not to wait for shoes shopping last minute. Looking for your shoes when we are about to start your bridal gown fitting is a lot of pressure for us and for you.

I recommend searching for your bridal shoes fairly early after you have decided on your bridal gown.

If your work schedule is hectic…get your bridal party to pitch in and search on line with you or make a day out of it with your ladies. How fun!

Once you find a pair, make sure to test them prior to your wedding day. Walk around in your house for at least two to three hours indoors, if they are not comfortable, you can return them in time.

I like to get new shoes a little stretched for comfort at times, $10-$15 at shoemaker’s. Just little bit only.

If you live in NYC, Ladies would agree importantance of “comfort”

Get a half size larger or order two sizes if you are ordering on line. Not all designers make shoes sizes the same.

Oh, and if you have wider feet: avoid narrow styles (or pointy toe) in patent leather or fabric material. And tiny few strap, high heels are hard to stand on for too long.

**Alway have back up shoes planned, flip flops or shoes you already know you can count on.

What I’ve learned about being bridal and evening fashion designer is…having “back up plans” 1, 2 and 3rd option ladies.

Oh and invest in nice shoes without breaking your bank account….color are more fun, less matchy, and you can wear it again.

Until next time!