7 Things To Remember Your On Wedding Day

We are continually amazed and inspired by how our brides juggle their jobs, to planning they’re wedding and to last minute details, and working out to get fit…

Here’s some tips to remember…leading up to your day!

1) Towards the last two weeks of your wedding day, 90% of our brides lose a lot of weight very fast…eat plenty of food, sleep well and drink plenty of water. You will still be losing weight.

2) Always have back up shoes that you can count on (flip flops, flats or platforms) to change into.

3) Have safety pins, double sided tapes, scissors and small sewing kit etc. for any unexpected mishaps ready.

4) Drink white wine or champagne, avoid red wine spilling onto your bridal gown.

5) Dabble white wine to dissolve and clean red wine spills and cleaning with sparkling water or club soda for general stains.

6) Blood stains can be removed with same person’s saliva with Q-tip.

7) Once your wedding day arrives….let it go and have a blast, no one will notice details that didn’t go as planed!