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Selia Yang's bridal gown-Bridal shops NYC

As a woman designing for women, Selia Yang understands the importance of great design, flare for beauty but above all, our femininity and sensuality that radiates, and can only be explained when you put on a gown that meets all of our criteria.

Gowns that merit upscale quality and fit, Selia Yang creates and is inspired by her love for fashion, glamour and innovation.

Our gowns are individually handcrafted, carved over time which sets her apart from other fashion designers or other showrooms in NYC.

Over the years of working closely with her clienteles, her designs focus on highlighting our natural, feminine beauty. Her unparalleled attention to details exude popularity of her timeless, effortless elegant collections to captivating stylish women from all around the globe.

Our design studio and showroom serves a bridge to contemporary fashion to traditional bridal and evening gowns and our one-on-one personalized approach to customer service provides intimate attention from our designer and staff, ensuring a relax atmosphere to view our collection as well as, to talk about what we love most “Fashion, Beauty and Glamour.”

“Selia Yang is a breathe of fresh air in high price market.” -Brides.com